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 Hitler use Occult Ancient Esoteric Knowledge black Magic

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Hitler use Occult Ancient Esoteric Knowledge black Magic Empty
InläggRubrik: Hitler use Occult Ancient Esoteric Knowledge black Magic   Hitler use Occult Ancient Esoteric Knowledge black Magic Icon_minitimetis okt 16, 2007 7:45 pm

Hitler and the Esoteric - What began with intentions of ORDER ended as CHAOS.

Hitler founded far more than a political regime - the Third Reich was an Occult-based Order using Magical and Esoteric practices. Everything which defined the Nazi Party was Magical. From the Swastika to the Order of the SS, all elements were driven by Esoteric teachings. Inspired by the occult writings of Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, Nosradamus and John Dee to name but a few, along with the magical elements contained within the music of Richard Wagner and Wolfgang Mozart, the Third Reich sought to usher in a New World Order through overwhelming physical strength and might. This was their divine mission. In the eyes of the Third Reich, it was time for the world to change.

Even at the age of fifteen years old, Hitler was convinced he was the One to lead humanity into a new world....
He had just finished listening to Wagner's Rienzie play with his childhood friend, Gustl Kubizek. Kubizek watched with horror as a being began speaking out of Hitler's mouth in a most unusual voice. This voice began speaking visions of how Hitler was going to change European history, that one day, he would receive a Mandate from his people to lead them "from servitude to the heights of freedom, a special mission which would one day be entrusted to him." Though the realization of this vision would not be fulfilled for many years, this vision came remarkably true. Against all odds, Hitler climbed to the pinnacle of power in Germany, backed by Magical Powers.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in 1933. Most occult leaders believed Hitler was The Great One. The Nazi sacred symbols and concepts of the swastika or "gamma cross", the eagle, the red/black/white color scheme, and ancient Nordic runes (one of which became the insignia of the SS), were all adopted from esoteric traditions going back centuries, shared by Brahmins, Scottish Masons, Rosicrucians, the Knights Templars and other esoteric societies. The Nazi motto, "One Reich, One Folk, One Fuehrer", reflected the standard threefold power circles of the occult. The Reich was the psychic adepts of the Nazi Party, which would build the bridge between the Folk (the masses which unite into a cosmic Entity greater than its parts) and the Fuehrer (the initiates in the elite leadership which unite with Hitler, the divine incarnation). The outer fringe, the Folk, are taught what they can handle: blind obedience, group service, a new history and identity. The Party elite such as the SS are taught something different: psychic knowledge, tapping into the "Vril Force", self-denial, brotherhood mission, medieval lore, fearlessness of death. The innermost circle was privy to the hard-core Gnostic teaching on the Grail, immortality and godhood. Many neo-Nazi groups continue to pursue these topics with devotion. But under it all was the invisible presence of "Unknown Superiors" who taught Hitler himself and who were assumed by his associates to endow him with his uncanny hypnotic power.

For those unaware, the Earth and all its associated spirits hold immense power, which when harnessed, can be used for whatever means you choose. Magic is neither good or evil.. It is your intention behind the magic which makes it 'white magic' or 'black magic'. To hold this power gives you power and dominance over those who do not. And Magic works solely within the laws of nature and what we have seen happening around the world is the knowledge of Nature's Laws being eradicated from practically every culture on the planet. One thing is probable - the dismissal and ultimately destruction of every native culture is deliberate action, thought out and implemented by people who are fully aware of the powers of the Ether. As Hitler himself said, "How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think."

The Spear of Destiny

Hitler coveted possession of the Spear of Destiny, supposedly THE spear with which the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus Christ. Anyone trained in the esoteric arts know that certain relics, monuments and physical places inherently possess power and that power can be harnessed and used for whatever means you choose.

The Spear of Destiny is also known as the Spear of Longinus. Supposedly, the leader who "possessed it and understood the powers it served, held the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil." This spear has been held in the House of Hapsburg, in Vienna, Austria, for centuries, and is on public display in a museum. One of Hitler's first official acts, once he annexed Austria, was to drive to Vienna in a motorcade, go to the museum, and take physical possession of the Spear of Destiny. At that point, Hitler believed he possessed the power to overcome all odds and conquer the world. At that point, World War II became inevitable. A new age and a New World Order steered by the Third Reich was waiting to happen.

The Holy Grail

Hitler devoted his life to pursuit of the legendary Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is supposedly the cup or dish used by Jesus at the Last Supper, preserved by Joseph of Arimathea, who brought it to Spain or Britain, and quested for by numerous knights. In occult terms, The Holy Grail came to represent a path to transcendent consciousness. The word, 'Grail', was derived from the word, 'graduate', which means gradually, step by step, degree by degree. This concept of gradualism underlies the entire effort to achieve the New World Order, and it is definitely the underpinning of the Hegelian theory of controlled change through controlled conflict.

The Supermen

Hitler firmly believed in the coming of a new race, the 'Supermen'. He expected them to be a literal "mutation" of Homo Sapiens, achieved by arriving at "higher levels of consciousness". The composer and occultist, Richard Wagner was obsessed with the 'Master Race' and Hitler was hugely inspired by him. Hitler once said, "In order to understand the Nazi Party, you must understand Wagner". Hitler also believed that the new humanity would be free of "the dirty and degrading chimera called conscience and morality," as well as "the burden of free will" and "personal responsibility" which should rightly be borne only by the few with the fortitude to make the awful decisions necessary for the good of humanity. All the world's problems would be put right by the new order of subservient masses ruled by the Supermen.

Hitler communicated with his masters and became totally driven by them. Concerning Hitler's relationship with these Unknowns, there is not much known besides his reference to a guiding voice of "Providence". However, we do have a vivid account related by an unnamed associate of Hitler to Rauschning (both were not sure what to make of it), in which Hitler wakes up in the middle of the night in total panic at some unseen visitation: "Hitler was standing there in his bedroom, stumbling about, looking around him with a distraught look. He was muttering: 'It's him! It's him! He's here!' His lips had turned blue. He was dripping with sweat. Suddenly he uttered some numbers which made no sense, then some words, then bits of sentences. It was frightening. He used terms which were strung together in the strangest way and which were absolutely weird. Then, he again became silent, although his lips continued to move. He was given a massage and something to drink. Then all of a sudden, he screamed: 'There! Over there! In the corner! Who is it?' He was jumping up and down, and he was howling."

Hitler's personal aide, Hermann Rauschning wrote In 1939, an eye witness account of the madness of the Third Reich: "What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak. But of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him" - Adolf Hitler quoted from "Hitler Speaks" by Hermann Rauschning.

Hitler could not have expressed the aims of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" or the "Hieron du Val d'Or" more eloquently. Today the agenda of the power elite continues using its network of Occult and political structures - from the unaccountable "Bilderberg Group" to the elite of the "Dragon Court", from the undemocratic "Trilateral Commission" to the transnational "Knights of Malta". Through their influence and control the Synarchists continue to stay on top of the power pyramid, regardless of how much global suffering and misery is caused, and maintain the anti-democratic structures of a hidden (the word "occult" means "hidden worship") feudalist system. The new head of the European Council of Princes HRH Prince Michael Stewart recently replaced HSH Prince Otto von Habsburg of Austria as chief representative of thirty three Royal Houses of Europe. These are the thirty three Holy Grail bloodline aristocratic families, who bizarrely claim descent from Jesus Christ, and their historical goal remains the same.

Wewelsburg Castle

The Wewelsburg is situated between the German cities of Hamm and Paderborn. Shortly after Hitler had come into power in January 1933, the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, became interested in the Wewelsburg. What Himmler wanted was a religious centre for the SS and the Nazi ideals.... something like St.Peter’s in Rome or the Temple of Jerusalem. He referred to Wewelsburg as "the centre of the world". This ancient castle was to become the spiritual home for the New World Order.

The Ahnenerbe, an arm of the SS commissioned in the mid-1930s to research the ancestral heritage of the Aryan race, roamed far and wide to find proof that only one race was meant to rule the world and that the Nazi vision of purification and world domination was supported by mythic forces. They were to provide scientific documentation that would unite their ancient past with their destiny. Heinrich Himmler saw the men in his army as the reincarnation of Teutonic knights and kings, in particular the knights of King Arthur's round table. He designed Wewelsburg Castle to be their Camelot. On one floor of Wewelsburg Castle was a dark mosaic star that marked this center and over which magical rituals were performed by twelve Nazi officers known as 'The Twelve Knights'

The Thule Society

Dietrich EckartHitler was trained to be a supreme adept in the arts and ritual of Black Magic by Dietrich Eckart. the leader of a powerful, secret society called the Thule Society. Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, an avid fan of Helena Blavatsky, founded the "Thule Society", a spiritualist group which borrowed heavily from Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine". Thule in occultic, Greek and Viking lore was the capital of an ancient ice-island called Hyperborea (known in Hindu legend as the "White Isle"), inhabited by superhumans with psychic powers who eventually founded the Aryan race. After an unexplained disaster, survivors of Hyperborea took refuge first in the "West" [meaning west of India, perhaps Babylon?], then in the Gobi desert, and later in Tibet; their spirit mentors retreated to a hidden spiritual center called "Asgard", located in a subterranean city. These be
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Hitler use Occult Ancient Esoteric Knowledge black Magic
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